Like all our products, every woodOOcycles handlebar is a small work of art: they are lovingly and unhurriedly crafted

one by one. We have developed three different handlebar models: Straight, Curved and Riser. Each one of them is the

result of an elaborate process of design, multiple tests, combination of woods, etc. until a fully satisfactory outcome is

achieved that brings together beauty, efficiency, resistance and durability.

We have conceived our handlebars for daily and long-lasting use, and we are sure of their reliability and endurance.

woodOOcycles handlebars are designed for city, road, fixie and other bicycles, and are compatible with stems of most

kinds of bikes. We make them in standard diameter size (24,5 mm) so they will fit in any standard size stem. We also

make Straight handlebars for oversized stems (31,8 mm).

Although our handlebars are made of very hard and resistant woods, we don’t recommend them for extreme sports or

overstraining activities. A thin layer of polyurethane varnish provides them with solid protection for daily and long-lasting

use; however, we advise against prolonged exposure to rain.

We recommend that woodOOcycles handlebars be installed by a qualified professional. They are set up like any other

handlebar: you should be very careful not to scratch them while inserting them into stems, specially into quill stems,

which should be sufficiently opened.

With woodOOcycles handlebars we want to make your bicycle more beautiful and to give you the pleasure of riding it

with the feel of wood in your hands.



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