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Moustache :


Our Moustache handlebars are inspired by the very popular Nitto B2522AA SSB designed by the legendary Hiroshi Iimura of Jitensha Studio in Berkeley CA.
woodOOcycles Moustache handlebars are made with laminated wood and glued with epoxy glue, which guarantees high endurance for daily and long-lasting use. Their double bend has a slight buffer effect that absorbs part of the shock and shake of the bicycle wheels. The rider, however, will not feel any kind of bending whatsoever and will have total riding control at all time while enjoying the unique warmth of wood.
The Moustache handlebar is ideal for those who like a slightly forward position and those who like to ride fast.
Two aluminium dowels guarantee optimal fastening to the stem. woodOOcycles Moustache handlebars come in several wood combinations that offer different aesthetic flavours.

-Length:  48 cm/ 50 cm

-Diameter: 25,4 mm

-Weight: 240g.
-Sweep : 25 degrees / 50 degrees





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